Friday, November 7, 2008

Day 2 In Japan - Mt.Fuji Areas! no sightseeing?!

Okay sorry for THE EXTREMELY LONG DELAY, but here it is, the not-so-long awaited day 2, ive comepletely forgotton heh.. anyway here we are!

The day started off normal, waking up, bathroom stuff, dressed then down to 3rd or 2nd floor to have breaky, I had a traditional Japanese Breakfast consisting of Rice, Miso Soup and some other stuff that i cant remeber.... :P

After breakfast me and my dad went back up to our room and packed, we then went down to meet our tour guide mr.young... it was spelt diffrent but i dunno how to spell it :P. We then set off on a 3 hour trip to Mt.Fuji, i was F***ing excited :)

But Horrors!@!!@@!@!@@!!!!!@!!!!@!!!!!@!!!!

We werent actually going up the mountain, just he surrounding areas T.T. We actually went to a premnium Store outlet.. yes i know WTF!?!?! my and my family spent hours wasted going around stores that you could find in hong kong so there was nothing unique except for a crepe store :D and a ice cream store where they sang while they made their ice cream O.o

Im afraid there is a large memory gap on what happenned next so il wrote what happenned after this event.. im so so sorry folks!

Well we returned to the resort and did the usual stuff.. excpet that my dad and lil bro went for a spring bath, i didnt go cos i dont like sitting bare naked in a bath with who knows who in it. (i did go in one in the end but that one was MAJORLY BETTER IN EVERY ASPECT).

So after that we went to bed..... except i couldent sleep.. there was this really eerie feeling in the room and i didnt sleep til like 4.00am... i was freaking creeped and i mean it, and on the next day my mum, lil bro and dad all said they couldent sleep either... freaky huh?

okay, next day 3 in Japan! is coming soon.. if i can remeber what happenned, and also look for a update for his post when i remember what occurs!

-Alan "Kivat" Lam