Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Sorry for DAy 2 In Japan's dalay, im so busy here is AUS and on the negative.. The memories are starting to float away!

The next day might come soon, keep looking!


Saturday, October 4, 2008

Alan-kun has a new hobbie desu!

yes its true, i have a new hobby, alongside my many hobbies comes a new one... MODELLING! No not the catwalk one, the one where you create objects like mecha then you cut them out of their trees then you flash them then you prime them then paint them then display them! ITS ALL SO EXCITING! Ive also become a part time collector, but my collection is small :P.

okay thats all, oh and look for Day 2 In Japan, MOUNT FUJI! so spooky...


Day 1 in Japan-Arrival and Exploration! in malls...

Well ive recently gotten back from Japan and ive kept all of the events in my head.. somehow :P, however i havent got the times since they are to confusing!

WE arrived at the airport and did all the immagration  and stuff.
Then we got onto the Tour bus and drove to somehwhere named VenusFort
At Venusfort we tried some really nice Mochi ice cream and we explored the mall a bit.
Then We left by foot to go to somewhere something docks.. or somethingl i cant remember its name xD
At the *something* docks there was a really nice view of the sea and a artificial beach ( yea i was like wtf? too) and its main structure was a mall... again....
We had dinner at a chinese restraunt (which totally sucked and my dad was really pissed) 
Then we left to our hotel, me and my dad had a room and my mum and lil bro shared another, the tour guide explained how we were allowed to go round and about the area so me and my mum and lil bro (dad was too tired and stayed in our room) went out to see what we could find
but to our luck we found a really nice curry restraunt named CoCo Japanese Curry. The waiters were really nice, and the ordering system was pretty cool. Heres how it works, you press this bell like thing on your table, this will alert the waiters that you want something oredered, then the guy comes and asks what you want, thankfully the waiter understood english but he didnt speak. We ordered 3 half serve lamb curry and OMFG IT TASTED LIKE HEAVEN, we also ordered 2 serves of fried chicken that OMFG TASTED LIKE HEAVEN AGAIN.
We paid the bill then left back to the hotel, then had a really nice sleep.

Day 2 is coming soon, after i get more time!

Thanks for reading!