Friday, September 26, 2008

Holiday In HK, Part 0 "SPECIAL POST"

Well today has been nothing but a drag. All ive done so far is stay home. I woke at about 11.00am and felt REALLY tired but due to some strange nature of me i couldent get back to sleep so i got up and started to check out some stuff on the web.

My mum left early to go get some clothing so i couldent really manuvere around HK so i stayed at home. Althrough i know how to get upa nda bout here in HK. Its kinda dangerous without a parent cos there has been a few cases of kidnappings. The scary thing is that the kids werent 4 year olds, some were 10, 11 and 12, and im kinda 12 :P.

Enuf about that. I ate Breakfast which happenned to be Tomato Soup Vercimilli-kinda thing while my lil bro had eggs and toast.

After that i took a nap then woke up bout 1 hour later and played my PsP. After that it was already 3.30pm or around then so i got on the computer and started FBing. 

Then heere i am typing the recent posts up.

Well by now you probibly think this isnt much of a holiday, well actually i thought so to until i remembered that were going to Japan Tomorrrow. Which is... cool ^^.

So my next post probibly wont come to late next week so stay tuned!

Thanks for reading!


+ - Something I want you guys to understand - +

Since ive typed pretty much ALL of my posts here in HK, i couldent get much intresting stuff done mainly because of limited resources, a slow and crappy computer, and most of the stuff here in Chinese. Started from next week about tuesday or so. I will start posting my holiday! However since im going to Japan tomorrow i cant really post stuff so il begin my Holiday Life SPECIAL EDITION post here and now :)

Remember to check back to my blog daily!

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Well i was surfing the net, (refer to previous post) i stumbled upon  another brand of blog, however it isnt blogger.


Yes many say it isnt as good as blogger but from what i saw it was really cool. il show you some notes i jotted down when i browsed thru WordPress. (NOTE: i didnt have much time then so i quickly flickered thry some blogs i found )

  • A Wordpress Blog looks like a website, the articles are listed on the Right but i think you can change it to your liking
  • Lots of space to type up your blog, easy to navigate.
  • Wordpress has a "Wordpress For Dummies" book
  • Wordpress has been around longer
Thats all i managed to sum up but il reasearch some more when i get the time il look deeper. Look foward for future updates!


P.S-This will be a example of Posts that will be updated. So you have to keep these posts to note as they will have diffrent info!


After days of thought, and surfing the world wide web. I've stumbled upon Toys. Yes toys are childhood things, bought for children as playthings.. however...Ive alsso stumbled upon a forum.. a very, strange one. its name... ROBOT-JAPAN.

As i flickered around, reading posts i just couldent help but stare at the REALLY COOOL PICTURES OF COLLECTIONS, now i feel like turning into a collector myself, but alas, i dont have the funds. ..... LOOK BELOW!

BUT, what good is a toy if it cannot be played with, it just sits there, collecting dust just for you to look at it?! *Ptuii!* i spat on the ground, no in my imagination, BUT THAT IS THE HATRED I DIRECT TO TOY/GUNDAM COLLECTORS. The worse thing is... they are americans, lazy fat slobs or twenty year olds... THEY ABUSE THE TOY COMMUNITY. its mean isnt it? i mean those poor poor gunpla's.... after being made into life they are LEFT TO ROT IN PRISONS CALLED SHELVES, I mean... wtf is wrong with those yankee's.

Well thats it. A measly 12 year old cant do much cant he... So i will attempt to muster support via other forums. 
i typed this up today, then i realised how i wanna become a collector myself, LoL.

-Alan "Arcaus" Lam

+- New Header -+

Well, i gots my new hEADER. and boy is it CRAP, its big, and totally OUT-A-PLACE

well i gotta improvise, im using a computer i dont understand, its slow, its noisy and it is BAD.

I was forced into using paint so maybe when i get back to AUS, i will make another "Photoshoped" one. 

WEll for now we will have to make do with the current one.

And BTW, I've changed my Blog name to *Temple Of The Exodus*, because i recently remembered that the anime Gundam OO uses the name "Celestial Being". Just to avoid Copyright Issues :D.
But the link is the same. :)

-Alan "Arcaus" Lam

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

~~~!~~~ COMPLETE ~~~!~~~


Here. Im finally happy with the new look! pretty cool dont'cha reckon? Well ive opted to change from a multi boxed blog to a more simple easier to navigate blog. So now it aint so complex and the simple look is cool, non?

Also my posts will be typed with care from now on so i will check spelling mistakes and hopefully make them more visually appeallig like below! Also i cant get those lines right so they are always the wrong proportion. Sorry bout that >.<

--------------------------------Alans IRON RuleZ------------------------------------------------
Oh and while im at it, let me get some things straight while im at it. Think of these as... Rules.. Yes thats the word~

-Please dont spam my posts with ads and shit, im really pissed with these things and im serious.
 if you do i wont give any warnings or anything il instantly report you to Blogger.

-Insults and Flame wars are NOT allowed unless i approve of them in SOME posts. Also please no racism, i support all races.

Those are the 2 IRON RULES that CAN change in time but are NOT to be BROKEN.

Okay i've deicided with "Ask A Alan" will be cancelled until further notice, letting spammers know my Email is something i that would be really bad, worse, EBIL EBEN.


those who already know it are more then welcome to ask me some questions, i deal in love, issues, affairs and the such!

Well look foward to my next post!

-Alan "Arcaus" Lam

Major Look Change :D

okay, today on the 23/9/08, hopefully my blog will take drastic changes such as the layout and other stuff. look forward for a new look!, please leave comments on any posts

----------------------------------Err not so fast doc! Read This---------------------------------
I've also started a "Ask A Alan" service, just comment on the next post! 
Whoop! Refer to my Post after this one. :)

Get ready
-Alan "Arcaus" Lam

Monday, September 22, 2008

Yo Yo.. HK is so bloody hot..

Holy $#!T, HK is so humid'n hot i think im gonan literally melt, ive been sweating like $#!T lately (excuse moi french). 

Iv ebeen able to to get to my blog, took me 3 days on my dads hunka junk :P. Well lyfes a sham here and ive gotta go visit moi buddies, next post soon!

-Alan "Arcaus" Lam

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Just created. and new

Welcome peoples, This is my blog. I just made it 17/9/08. feel free to comment on what i should of improve and such. I will start blogging soon.

Anyways. Enjoy your stay, and may the celestials protect you!