Friday, September 26, 2008

Holiday In HK, Part 0 "SPECIAL POST"

Well today has been nothing but a drag. All ive done so far is stay home. I woke at about 11.00am and felt REALLY tired but due to some strange nature of me i couldent get back to sleep so i got up and started to check out some stuff on the web.

My mum left early to go get some clothing so i couldent really manuvere around HK so i stayed at home. Althrough i know how to get upa nda bout here in HK. Its kinda dangerous without a parent cos there has been a few cases of kidnappings. The scary thing is that the kids werent 4 year olds, some were 10, 11 and 12, and im kinda 12 :P.

Enuf about that. I ate Breakfast which happenned to be Tomato Soup Vercimilli-kinda thing while my lil bro had eggs and toast.

After that i took a nap then woke up bout 1 hour later and played my PsP. After that it was already 3.30pm or around then so i got on the computer and started FBing. 

Then heere i am typing the recent posts up.

Well by now you probibly think this isnt much of a holiday, well actually i thought so to until i remembered that were going to Japan Tomorrrow. Which is... cool ^^.

So my next post probibly wont come to late next week so stay tuned!

Thanks for reading!